Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CMM Greens AGM - live thread

I'm sitting at the CMM Green FGPA AGM.

We're currently waiting for quorum to show up so we can elect the executive.

It's far too sunny outside to have an indoor meeting.

Update 7:00PM: We're good to go! Jake Cole kicks it off.

Nominations for CMM Greens FGPA executive positions.
CEO - Murray Reeves
FA - Bill Pickett
Sec - vacant
Membership - Carl Bovell
Fundraising Chair - John Ogilvie
Volunteer Chair - Rick Lorenz
Communications Chair - Ronald Servant
Youth Chair - vacant
Policy Research Chair - Jim MacKenzie
Campaign Readiness - vacant
3 Members-at-large - Rex Benning, Andrew MacDonald, Bozena Lech
Organizing Chair - Diane Smith

No contested positions.

Update 7:30 PM: John Ogilvie is giving a great presentation on the CMM Greens GPO plans for the fall election.

A presentation by Andrew MacDonald on raising the profile of the Green Party and the green message. Check out www.theworldcafe.com

Update 8:00 PM: Murray Reeves presents the year in review.

Outgoing FA Rick Lorenz gives the current financial report.

Update 8:20PM: Murray updates us on how we did against our operating plan.

Update 8:45PM: We have agreed to have joint meetings of the Federal and Provincial Greens.

Update 9:00PM: Meeting closed!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Live Earth in Kanata

Come out to the Royal Oak in Kanata for Live Earth this Saturday July 7th starting at 5PM.

Go here for event details.