Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Carbon credits and the individual Green member

General question

Is there any way that we as individuals can built carbon credits, then donate them to the GPC to sell to "friendly" polluters (companies that are trying hard, but could go under financially - such as startup sustainable housing companies)? It seems to me that it would be a way to raise money and generate publicity. I know that it is difficult to accumulate carbon credits, but bringing this to each individual at a personal level might make more people attuned to the issues related to GHG. If the GPC somehow gets in to power in Canada, then reduced income tax accompanied by carbon-footprint taxes achieves this goal (e.g. extra taxes on SUVs, reduced taxes on hybrids and plug-ins), however until that time, if there was a way that our greening ways could be turned into GPC funding, that would be great. I don't remember that Kyoto did anything at the level of the individual, perhaps the next round in 2012 will emphasize this.